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Our mission is to support individuals with mental illness on their journey to recovery by providing effective, efficient and integrated services

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Combining community interventions with psychiatric care will help ensure that clients receive the full spectrum of care that they need to support their journey of recovery.

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Available Services 

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Assertive Community Treatment Team

Location: 3208 Oleander Dr. Wilmington NC 28403


Community Support Services 

Location: 3208 Oleander Dr. Wilmington NC 28403

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Peer Support Services

Location: 3208 Oleander Drive 
Wilmington NC 28403

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Clinical Assessments, Individual Therapy, Psychiatric Evaluations and Medication Management 

Location: 3208 Oleander Dr. Wilmington NC 28403


Supportive Employment/IPS

Location: 1890 Dawson Street 

Wilmington NC 28403

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Position: Licensed Therapist for Team Lead/Supervisor (2 Positions)
Program: Assertive Community Treatment Team
Status: Full-Time
Location: Wilmington NC
Education and Experience Requirements: Active NC License as a LCSW/LCSWA or LCMHC/LCMHCA or LPA and three years of experience working with Adult MH population

Position: Team Lead/Supervisory Role

Program: Assertive Community Treatment Team

Education/Licensure Requirements:

Master's Degree and must have an active mental health professional license in NC

Experience Requirements:

The team leader shall have three years of clinical experience with severe and persistent mental illness, with a minimum of two years post-graduate school.

Responsibilities of Team Lead:

  • Oversees the administrative operations of the team;

  • Provides clinical oversight of services in conjunction with the Psychiatric Care Provider; as well as clinical supervision;

  • Supervises team members to assure the delivery of best and ethical practices;

  • Provides direct services to ACT service beneficiaries, where a therapeutic relationship is developed between ACT service beneficiaries and the Team Leader. Example roles include: assuming an active role in screening referrals and assessing beneficiaries at intake; acting as a lead clinician, therefore working closely with a select group of service beneficiaries who can benefit from the Team Leader’s clinical expertise; modeling behaviors through service provision for the purpose of clinical supervision; participating in person-centered planning meetings; and working with beneficiary’s natural supports.

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Position: Qualified Mental Health Professional (QMHP or QP)

Program: Community Support Team 

Status: Full-Time

Location: Wilmington NC

Education and Experience Requirements: Bachelor's degree in Human Service field and 2 years post degree of full-time experience working with Adult MH population or Master's degree in Human Service field and 1 year of post degree of full-time experience working Adult MH population 

QP Position Responsibilities: 

• Provides psychoeducation as indicated in the PCP
• Assists with crisis interventions
• Assists the Team Lead with behavioral and substance use disorder treatment interventions
• Assists with the development of relapse prevention and disease management strategies
• Participates in the initial development, implementation, and ongoing revision of the PCP
• Communicates the beneficiary’s progress and the effectiveness of the strategies and interventions to the Team Lead as outlined in the PCP
• Provides intensive case management-Linkage and referral to formal and informal supports
• Monitoring and follow up
• Completes functional needs assessment(s) to determine the scope and anticipated outcomes to the services
• Assist with beneficiary housing search including engaging landlords to rent to beneficiaries and writing reasonable accommodation letters
• Assist with connecting beneficiaries to financial and in-kind resources to set up and maintain their household
• Prevent and mitigate housing crises including being a point of contact for landlord concerns
• Assist with rehousing beneficiaries if they are no longer able to stay in their unit due to eviction or risk of eviction
• Assist in developing daily living skills to stabilize and maintain housing

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Position: RN/LPN

Program: Assertive Community Treatment Team 

Status: Full-Time

Location: Wilmington NC

Education and Experience Requirements: Active RN/LPN License in NC and one year of experience working with Adult MH population

ACTT RN Position Responsibilities: 

  • Manages the medication system in conjunction with the psychiatrist, administers and documents medication treatment;

  • Manages a secure medication room to support the dispensing of medications, which includes both oral and intramuscular psychotropic medications for beneficiaries in need of such support;

  • Screens and monitors the beneficiary for medical problems and side effects;

  • Engages in health promotion, prevention and education activities;

  • Develop strategies to maximize taking medications as prescribed (example reviewing home environment to find cues to remind beneficiary to take medications; work with beneficiary and psychiatric care provider to scale back the number of times medications are taking each day);

  • Communicating and coordinating services with other medical providers; and           

  • Educating the team in monitoring psychiatric symptoms and medication side-effects.

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Position: Licensed Clinical Team Lead  

Program: Community Support Team  

Status: Full-Time

Location: Wilmington NC

Education and Experience Requirements: Master Degree, Active License as a MH Counselor/Therapist in NC and 3 years of experience working with Adult MH population

Team Lead Position Responsibilities:

 Provides individual therapy for recipients served by the team
 Guide behavioral interventions such as modeling, behavior modification, behavior rehearsal
 Designates the appropriate team staff so that specialized clinical expertise is applied as clinically
indicated for each recipient
 Provides and coordinating the assessment and reassessment of the recipient’s clinical needs
 Provides clinical expertise and guidance to the CST members in the team’s interventions with the
 Provides the clinical supervision of all members of the team for the provision of this service.
 An individual supervision plan is required for all CST members except the Team Leader
 Determines team caseload by the level of acuity and the needs of the individual served
 Facilitates weekly team meetings of the CST
 Monitors and evaluates the services, interventions, and activities provided by the team
 The Team Leader must provide direct clinical interventions with each consumer
 The CST Licensed or Provisionally Licensed team leader drives the delivery of this
rehabilitative service.
 Assists with crisis interventions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.
 Attends Clinical Staffing Weekly

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Physician Alliance for Mental Health 

3208 Oleander Drive Wilmington NC 28403
Phone: (910) 794.3929
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3208 Oleander Dr, Wilmington, NC 28403

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