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Our mission is to support individuals with mental illness on their journey to recovery by providing effective, efficient and integrated services


Combining community interventions with psychiatric care will help ensure that clients receive the full spectrum of care that they need to support their journey of recovery.

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Available Services 

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Assertive Community Treatment Team

Location: 3208 Oleander Dr. Wilmington NC 28403


Community Support Services 

Location: 3208 Oleander Dr. Wilmington NC 28403

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Peer Support Services

Location: 3208 Oleander Drive 
Wilmington NC 28403

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Clinical Assessments, Individual Therapy, Psychiatric Evaluations and Medication Management 

Location: 3208 Oleander Dr. Wilmington NC 28403


Supportive Employment/IPS

Location: 1890 Dawson Street 

Wilmington NC 28403

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Position: Licensed Mental Health Team Lead/Supervisor (2 Positions)
Program: Assertive Community Treatment Team
Status: Full-Time
Location: Wilmington NC
Education and Experience Requirements: Active NC License as a LCSW/LCSWA or LCMHC/LCMHCA or LPA and three years of experience working with Adult MH population

Position: Team Lead/Supervisory Role

Program: Assertive Community Treatment Team

Education/Licensure Requirements:

Master's Degree and must have an active mental health professional license in NC

Experience Requirements:

The team leader shall have three years of clinical experience with severe and persistent mental illness, with a minimum of two years post-graduate school.

Responsibilities of Team Lead:

  • Oversees the administrative operations of the team;

  • Provides clinical oversight of services in conjunction with the Psychiatric Care Provider; as well as clinical supervision;

  • Supervises team members to assure the delivery of best and ethical practices;

  • Provides direct services to ACT service beneficiaries, where a therapeutic relationship is developed between ACT service beneficiaries and the Team Leader. Example roles include: assuming an active role in screening referrals and assessing beneficiaries at intake; acting as a lead clinician, therefore working closely with a select group of service beneficiaries who can benefit from the Team Leader’s clinical expertise; modeling behaviors through service provision for the purpose of clinical supervision; participating in person-centered planning meetings; and working with beneficiary’s natural supports.



Position: Qualified Mental Health Professional/Housing Specialist 
Program: Community Support Team
Status: Full-Time
Location: Wilmington NC
Education and Experience Requirements: Bachelor degree and one year of experience working with Adult MH population

Essential Functions of QP/Housing Specialist: 

This list is not exhaustive and may be supplemented as necessary.

  1. Assess housing barriers of individuals experiencing homelessness to determine housing and service needs.

  2. Develop a housing procurement, financial, and self-sufficiency case management plan with clients. This shall include intake interview to determine client’s needs, goals, and eligibility.

  3. Provide mediation and advocacy with landlords on the client’s behalf to develop a workable plan to obtain and or maintain housing.

  4. Assist participants in locating and securing housing of their choice.

  5. Create and maintain consistent communication channels, both verbal and written, between several parties (i.e. tenant, landlord, referral source, collaborating agencies, debtors and creditors).

  6. Serve as an ongoing liaison between property managers and participants as well as between participants and neighbors.

  7. Provide information and referral assistance regarding available support from appropriate social service agencies and/or community programs.

  8. Assist in development of and encourage adherence to a personal budget through pro-active housing and budget counseling sessions; provide budget counseling and education to assist clients in establishing payments plans for bills and past debts and to assist clients in obtaining and maintaining their housing.

  9. Assist participants in development of a strength-based/solution-focused individualized goal and action plan that promotes permanent housing and self-sufficiency; develop an effective, timely referral network in order to ensure ongoing direction and support as needed.

  10. Identify participant strengths and barriers to stability and assist participants to reducing barriers and linking to resources and services.

  11. Provide pro-active follow-up home visits to ensure stability and further progress towards self-sufficiency; this includes support, advocacy, reducing isolation, listening, problem solving, and identification of resources to assist with reintegration of participants in the community.

  12. Apply knowledge of residential lease contracts to educate clients of their rights and responsibilities.

  13. Maintain accurate daily logs records, monthly outcome reports, and files for each client.



Position: Certified Peer Support Specialist

Program: Assertive Community Treatment Team 

Status: Full-Time

Location: Wilmington NC

Education and Experience Requirements: Active Peer Support Specialist Certification in NC and one year of experience working with Adult MH population

CPSS Position Responsibilities: 

  • Provides coaching, mentoring, and consultation to the beneficiary to promote recovery, self-advocacy, and self-direction;

  • Promotes wellness management strategies, which includes delivering manualized interventions (example, Wellness Recovery Action Planning or Illness Management and Recovery);

  • Assists beneficiaries in developing psychiatric advance directives;

  • Models recovery values, attitudes, beliefs, and personal action to encourage wellness and resilience;

  • Provides consultation to team members to assist in understanding of recovery and the role of the Peer Support Specialists, promoting a culture in which beneficiaries’ points of view and preferences are recognized, understood, respected, and integrated into treatment;

  • Serves as an active member of the ACT team, equivalent to other team members, which includes facilitating the Person-Centered Planning process for beneficiaries assigned to him or her if a QP; and

  • Supports and empowers the individual to exercise his or her legal rights within the community.



Position: Registered Nurse 

Program: Assertive Community Treatment Team 

Status: Full-Time

Location: Wilmington NC

Education and Experience Requirements: Active RN License in NC and one year of experience working with Adult MH population

ACTT RN Position Responsibilities: 

  • Manages the medication system in conjunction with the psychiatrist, administers and documents medication treatment;

  • Manages a secure medication room to support the dispensing of medications, which includes both oral and intramuscular psychotropic medications for beneficiaries in need of such support;

  • Screens and monitors the beneficiary for medical problems and side effects;

  • Engages in health promotion, prevention and education activities;

  • Develop strategies to maximize taking medications as prescribed (example reviewing home environment to find cues to remind beneficiary to take medications; work with beneficiary and psychiatric care provider to scale back the number of times medications are taking each day);

  • Communicating and coordinating services with other medical providers; and           

  • Educating the team in monitoring psychiatric symptoms and medication side-effects.



Position: Licensed Clinical Team Lead  

Program: Community Support Team  

Status: Full-Time

Location: Wilmington NC

Education and Experience Requirements: Master Degree, Active License as a MH Counselor/Therapist in NC and 3 years of experience working with Adult MH population

Team Lead Position Responsibilities:

 Provides individual therapy for recipients served by the team
 Guide behavioral interventions such as modeling, behavior modification, behavior rehearsal
 Designates the appropriate team staff so that specialized clinical expertise is applied as clinically
indicated for each recipient
 Provides and coordinating the assessment and reassessment of the recipient’s clinical needs
 Provides clinical expertise and guidance to the CST members in the team’s interventions with the
 Provides the clinical supervision of all members of the team for the provision of this service.
 An individual supervision plan is required for all CST members except the Team Leader
 Determines team caseload by the level of acuity and the needs of the individual served
 Facilitates weekly team meetings of the CST
 Monitors and evaluates the services, interventions, and activities provided by the team
 The Team Leader must provide direct clinical interventions with each consumer
 The CST Licensed or Provisionally Licensed team leader drives the delivery of this
rehabilitative service.
 Assists with crisis interventions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.
 Attends Clinical Staffing Weekly


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